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We are leading provider of financial content and financial marketing strategies for US Listed Public Companies and Research Firms. Founded in 2003 by Tom Johnson and his brother Marc. The company is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. aNewMedia currently works with 120 public companies on the NYSE and Nasdaq as well as the top Private Research and Private Equity Firms on Wall Street.

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We have been in business for over 13 years, in which time we have created strong networks in the financial world. Our motto is "Bridging The Financial Gap", we are able to help our clients get exposure to a world wide audience, unparalled by anyone in the business. Our record of success is unmatched, and our team of Financial Content expert is second to none.

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Marc founded aNewMedia with his brother Tom inn 2003. Having worked as a broker for over a decade on Bay Street. Marc had the opportunity to manage a network of over $450 million, before starting his own hedge fund in 2001. Marc still serves as a consultant to his clients, however in 2003 he focused his attention on Financial Content and Financial Marketing. His goal was to bridge the gap between the resources available to Fortune 500 companies and companies just starting out on the AMEX or Small Cap Nasdaq markets. Since 2003 Marc has been worked with over 120 publicly listed companies in North America and Europe and has built a reputation as being a fearless leader and mentor to many companies just beginning their trading story. Marc remains a private man, choosing to work closely with partners without jeopardizing the integrity of any of his clients.


Tom joined his older brother Marc as a founding partner of aNewMedia in 2003. Tom quickly established his niche in the Financial Marketing side of the business specializing in Content Distribution and Data Partner Services. Tom is a leader in the online Press Release business, working with literally all of the Press Release services world wide in the last 13 years. Tom considers his network of work colleagues to be second to none and prides himself on becoming friends with his work partners and forging long lasting relationships that stretch far beyond the office. Tom enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid outdoorsmen.

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